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Hello and welcome! Now that you have stepped into the role of creating art, let me just give you a quick overview: In my lessons we will cover how versatile materials can be in its raw form or out of the tube. I will demonstrate how colored pigments can be used in a variety of ways to achieve different results. Your art should not be judged by the quality of your supplies at this point. I will go into detail about the quality of your materials and why some paints cost more than others.  

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I consider my approach more of a mentoring process because I work with students one on one. You’ll learn how to build your art up from an idea into something unique. This process is a step by step approach and I’m here to make this process as clear as possible while building confidence!


Colors are pigments that began as natural material in a solid form, liquid or created by burning, drying, ground up or deluded substances to give us a color. This also requires an additive called a binder to make it stick to a surface and for the most part be durable.

I ask that students commit to 3 or more lessons at a time. My lesson plan does take your skill level into consideration. We won’t necessarily have consecutive weekly meetings but we will communicate weekly on your progress.

The comprehensive drawing course provides you with the knowledge by exploring the core concepts of drawing such as light and shadow, shading, creating textures, sketching and proportion while covering a variety of forms.


Points we may cover:
How to break down complex subjects,

the use of values to create the illusion of light, learn how to draw using perspective, how to recognize positive / negative space... And much more!


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Mike Ortega  P.O. Box 7250 Houston, TX 77248  832-814-7031

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